Streamline your Revenue Operations from Lead-to-Ledger

Optimising your Revenue Operations from Lead-to-Ledger

Advisory Services

We work with you to assess and align your revenue operations with business objectives and future ambitions. Your partner for Salesforce to deliver best practice advice and a roadmap for change.

Technology & Implementation

Our technical architects build solutions that integrate with your existing ERP platform. Ensure cross-team alignment and configure interfaces to meet specific user needs.

Managed Services

Tap into our Salesforce-certified expertise as a natural extension of your existing resources. Includes ongoing technical guidance, internal service projects and product optimisation.

Modern Revenue for your Business

With a deep understanding of Finance Operations from Lead-to-Ledger, PhiX is uniquely positioned to help you leverage the Salesforce platform. 

  1. Unified Systems: Dive deep into subscription management and intricate billing with our specialised guidance. Our expertise, especially on Salesforce Revenue Cloud, ensures your Lead-to-Ledger processes are efficient and connected. 
  2. Holistic Customer Insights: Break down silos and gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers to build incredible customer experiences.
  3. Agile Revenue Operations: Prepare for the future with paramount flexibility and adaptability. Whether you evolve your revenue models or explore new market segments, we craft scalable solutions in partnership with your teams.

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Insights from our Blog

From technical insights in revenue operations to industry news on finance transformation, our blog has you covered.

Case studies

Case Studies

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Utimaco: Empowering Customers with Self-Service Subscription Management

Discover how Utimaco, a global cybersecurity leader, partnered with PhiX Technologies to transform their subscription management process and create a self-service platform for their Trust as a Service offering.

Voneus Broadband: Scaling Fast with New Billing Efficiency Capability

With steep growth ambitions and to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, Voneus Broadband needed to address their communication and billing systems.
Hi-Tech Healthcare Platform

Lifen Transforms Quote-to-Cash to Accelerate Growth

Lifen, an E-health platform that develops tools to facilitate cooperation between stakeholders in the healthcare system, faced obstacles in scaling its operations due to limitations in its legacy billing system and complex pricing books.