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What you get is end-to-end visibility from lead stage to cash. We have a full view of what orders are coming in, having that visibility in one single system allows everybody to move faster, reduces workload, reduces time and effort and human error.

Lynn Van Der Laan, COO, GemOne


Sharing the sales, finance and general data requirements to identify the right problems to solve, and identify how it forms part of a larger solution. When it comes to delivering a project, interventions such as custom configuration, selection of the right add-ons and dashboard configuration can mean the difference between success and failure.

Systems Integration

Helping you unlock the full value of your investment, PhiX works with you to achieve your objectives, enabling you to optimise processes, experiment with new go-to-market models and to scale up revenue activity as your business grows. We get to know your culture, operational preferences and ambitions, so PhiX becomes an extension of your team.

Platform & Architecture Design

Well designed architecture offers companies a competitive advantage not just on user experience but for the customer too. We turn strategy into something that is simple and meaningful even with the most complex billing needs. Implementing solutions that accelerate revenue generation, support new monetisation strategies and real-time growth drivers.

Salesforce Implementation

Whether it’s a greenfield approach, where you’re implementing from a clean slate, or a brownfield implementation where you’re updating an existing system, both enable complete re-engineering and process simplification. We leverage the opportunity to build more automation, more innovation and more control in your business, saving time and resources.

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