Salesforce Billing

Salesforce Billing helps you integrate your front and back office functions with a complete revenue workflow.

Automate billing workflows to reduce manual errors and operating costs, stop revenue leakage and improve cash flow.


Sales reps can:

  • Quickly generate accurate invoices from anywhere
  • Connect with finance for a smooth handover 
  • Support payment collection: 360 view of the customer


Revenue operations can:

  • Optimise the Customer Lifetime Value
  • Track metrics to improve customer retention
  • Cross-departments: a single platform for the Lead-to-Ledger process


Finance teams can:

  • Speed up revenue recognition with automation
  • Automate and allocate payments and consolidate invoicing
  • Decrease time to close month-end


Subscription billing
Automate recurring billing including usage-based billing, proration and flexible pricing.
Invoice management
Generate and manage invoices and credits with seamless proration. Provide automatic tax calculations on your orders.
Payment management
Automate payment processing, including credit card Including card payment, direct debits and wire transfers and payment reconciliation.
Dunning management
Automate dunning and collections workflows, including notifications and payment reminders.
Revenue recognition
Automation of revenue recognition process by removing the reliance on manual tasks and spreadsheets.
Integrate with compliance tax management solution, e-invoicing and utilise Salesforce Billing as an AR subledger into your ERP.

How does Salesforce Billing fit into your tech stack?

By leveraging Salesforce Billing, you can automate your billing and invoicing workflows, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Speak to a member of the team to find out more.

Advisory and implementation services

"We've been working with PhiX team on a very complex CPQ & Billing implementation project. They have really impressed with their ability to understand our business requirements, to help us improve our architecture, and to deliver quick results. I absolutely recommend them, and I would definitely work with them again in the future." Raphaël Brousse, Lifen

About PhiX Technologies

As a trusted Salesforce Approved Billing Partner for our Consulting and Implementation expertise, we bring deep domain knowledge and commercial understanding to the table.

Whether you need to manage complex pricing models or handle high volumes of transactions, we have the expertise to help you succeed. Partner for success to modernise and transform your billing processes.