Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a revenue cycle management solution that helps optimise your entire revenue lifecycle. 

The Customer 360 Platform streamlines revenue operations to help you scale faster. Whether you need to improve pricing strategies, enhance sales performance, or optimise revenue operations, Revenue Cloud can bring you the insights you need.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud makes B2B buying fast, simple and flexible for your customers.


  • Close deals faster with automated approvals
  • Upsell and cross-sell easily with guided selling
  • Automate high-sell opportunities

Revenue Ops

  • Forecast revenue accurately 
  • Spin up new monetisation models quickly
  • Calculate Sales commission and Gross Margins with ease


  • Proactively manage and optimise revenue 
  • Automate Close and eliminate revenue leakage
  • Recognise revenue in compliance with ASC 606 /IFRS 15

Your Revenue Engine

Salesforce Revenue Cloud brings together Salesforce CPQ, Billing and Subscription Management to support and enable a more robust sales and finance engine, including subscriptions, recurring revenue, and consumption-based models.

We’ll help you choose the right implementation approach for you. 

With each component working as a standalone product, you can integrate CPQ to your CRM, Salesforce Billing to your current ERP or Subscription Management to your CMS. Alternatively, integrate all three to turbo charge your business from Lead-to-Ledger. 

How does Salesforce CPQ & Billing work?

How does Subscription Management work?

Key benefits

Accelerate sales
Get quotes out faster and reduce inaccuracies with guided selling. Save time with customisable templates designed for you.
Validation of transactions
Easily establish market rules on numerous platforms, secure gateways and integrations and save money by validating transactions.
Products & pricing update
Pricelists and catalogs centrally managed to enable product bundling, complex order configuration and guided selling.
Real-time insights
Identify revenue sources to predict forecast outcomes. View a 360-degree analysis of accounts and measure metrics from configurable dashboards.
Billing engine
Generate invoices from multiple channels, manage dunning, collections and revenue recognition. Reduce financial risk and compliance burden.
Self-service for subscriptions
Empower B2B customers to upgrade, swap and renew subscriptions via multiple platforms from anywhere in the world.

How does Salesforce Revenue Cloud fit into your tech stack?

As the first end-to-end solution that connects sales, operations and finance, a review of your current architecture is needed to evaluate what the trade-off is between what you have and what your business strategy requires.

About PhiX Technologies

PhiX are your Salesforce Revenue Cloud partner with a difference. We have deep understanding of running revenue operations in multiple industries and real-world knowledge of implementing systems connecting sales and finance as both customer and consultant.