Matching strategic ambition with practical know-how

As a partner, we guide the customer towards best practice to get the most out of the platform without building in technical debt. Fix minor problems today that could become massive problems in the future.

Justin Wheatley, Director of Lead-to-Ledger, PhiX Technologies

Readiness Assessment

Covering business objectives and current issues to build a full understanding of the business today, the issues faced and the benefits transformation will bring.
Service includes: Objective Definition, Canvas Modelling, Organisational Structure, Technical & Process Audits, and more.

Process Optimisation Advisory

Combining focused deep-dive investigation with domain and industry knowledge to define a post-transformation state.
Service includes: Research, Ideation, Concept Design, Use Case Modelling, Storyboarding, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, and more.

Change Management

Designing a Change Management approach with proactive and personalised support for your people. Including preparing timely and transparent communications that resonate to inspire early adoption and training that gives you a long-lasting ROI.
Service Includes: Scenarios & Execution Strategy, Business Engagement Planning, Training Sessions & Resources and more.

Health Check

Following on from the implementation, we help you leverage your investment by reviewing the end-user experience, ensuring alignment between people, process and technology is achieved. Reviewing time spent on tasks and data accuracy is consistent.
Services include: Implementation Analysis, Revenue Cloud Remediation Checklist, Quality Assurance, Process Re-engineering, and more.

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