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I felt like PhiX were part of the team, they were really supportive throughout the whole journey. I started to share my scope, my criteria, my doubts, and ask questions and it was just like working with other colleagues.

Fiorenza Provenzano, Head of Legal, N-Side
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Manage your entire revenue lifecycle through a single system. Present your offerings, quote, negotiate, track payments, manage renewals and report on revenue, all in one place.


Automate pricing, quoting, order generation and invoice creation before handing off to your ERP for AR management.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Streamline contract processes, including automated initiation, document production, negotiation, obligation management and renewals.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Ensures up-to-date pricing data is at your sales teams’ fingertips. Create accurate personalised quotes in an instant.


Automate invoicing, payment processes and revenue recognition in a single easy-to-use system.


Optimise your sales funnel from initial offers through to payment. Automate quotes and invoices, collect payments, manage subscriptions, view and adjust terms, and generate reports from a single dashboard.

Recurring Revenue Operations

Unlock the full potential of subscription services and other profitable charging models. Automate processes including recurring charges, renewals, extensions, and swaps.

Salesforce Optimisation

Ensure maximum ROI from your Salesforce investment. Includes best practice advice on reconfiguration, add-ons, customisation and ERP integration.

PhiX Expertise

Managing revenue in today’s organisation is complex. This is especially the case for companies intending to scale up revenue generation through new charging models and sales channels. Having the right skill set in your task force supports ideas to come to life.

PhiX recognises this complexity. To respond to it, we can help you manage revenue processes and technologies to reach your desired future state faster with our professional team of highly skilled developers and strategists.



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