Salesforce Contracts automates and streamlines every stage of the contract lifecycle from authoring to compliance.

Generate and record contracts using your Salesforce data.

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Sales reps can:

  • Create a contract document from an order, opportunity or quote
  • Get immediate access to templates for all legal documents 
  • Use data from your Salesforce org to guarantee compliance and accuracy
  • Speed up approvals with pre-set contract approval workflows

Legal Operations

LEGAL ops can:

  • Pre-approve clauses for efficient compliance
  • Streamline your approval process with automation
  • Enhance control and accuracy with real-time versioning
  • Monitor contracts throughout their entire lifecycle all in one place.


Finance teams can:

  • Centralise and integrate all contract-related financial data for precise forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • Mitigate risk with automated notifications to manage important actions effectively
  • Maintain an audit trail of every action taken across the contract lifecycle


Self-serve contract creation
Generate contracts on demand using a library of pre-approved clauses, standard terms and conditions, and other common language.
Remote collaboration
Accessible contracts enable real-time teamwork for sales and legal teams, regardless of location.
Accelerated sales cycle
Eliminate manual processes, streamline approvals, and shorten the sales cycle with Salesforce contracts.
Robust security
Encrypted, repository-stored Salesforce contracts safeguard against forgery with eSignature protection.
Error prevention
Reduce the potential for human error by automating contract creation.
Real-time visibility
Effortlessly track contract status and updates throughout the entire contract lifecycle from authoring to activation and compliance.

How do Salesforce Contracts fit into your tech stack?

Visual flow of Product-to-Cash on Revenue Cloud

Salesforce now includes native contract management functionality to flow from your CRM through to your CLM. Enabling you to generate contracts and manage the entire contract process without leaving Salesforce.

Tap into the capabilities of Salesforce Contracts to streamline your end-to-end contract lifecycle management. 

Reach out to us today and elevate your Contract experience with Salesforce.

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