Voneus Broadband: Scaling Fast with New Billing Efficiency Capability

Voneus Salesforce Billing Case Study


With steep growth ambitions and to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, Voneus needed to address their communication and billing systems.

Disparate legacy systems were causing misalignment between teams, lack of accurate information for reporting, additional work for finance and delays for their customers.


By working with PhiX to integrate Communications Cloud with Salesforce Billing, Voneus can now provide timely invoices that include products, service, and usage, track invoices aged and paid, manage refunds quickly and efficiently, and monitor individual product profitability with accurate revenue recognition to help the company scale effectively.

Additionally, PhiX provided user testing across the entire system roll-out and post-implementation support to develop in- house training programs for new users.


Increased Speed and Accuracy

Accelerated sales cycle due to seamless order to billing process with automated and complete invoicing and revenue recognition.

360 Data Visibility

Complete view of customer data, ability to track invoices, manage refunds and provide financial reporting in a few clicks.

Customer Satisfaction

Enabling self-service options and personalised external communications to delight new and existing customers.



  • Disparate systems
  • Invoicing errors
  • Manual processes
  • Missing business insights


  • Streamlined customer journey
  • Improved accuracy of subscriptions and billing
  • Tighter cost control
  • Easy seamless integration
  • Increased data visibility


“Voneus Broadband has become one of the largest rural broadband providers delivering ultrafast and superfast broadband to over 10,000 properties across more than 25 counties in England and Wales, with plans to reach 200,000 in the near term.”

Trevor Legg

Chief Operating Officer