Utimaco: Empowering Customers with Self-Service Subscription Management

Utimaco: Empowering Customers with Self-Service Subscription Management


Utimaco, a global provider of trusted cybersecurity and compliance solutions, aimed to launch its innovative Trust as a Service (TaaS) subscription product.

Utimaco needed to create a self-service subscriptions portal and flexible subscription management platform to quickly bring TaaS to the market.

With a trade show approaching, Utimaco faced the challenge of launching the product within a tight timeframe.


PhiX Technologies collaborated with Utimaco to deliver a comprehensive solution. Developing a branded front-end portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud and implementing Salesforce Subscription Management.

Subscription Management is seamlessly integrated with compliance, PDF creator tools, tax and payment processing components on the Salesforce platform to achieve a single source of truth for their data.


Streamlined Sales Channel

Utimaco successfully launched a new online sales channel, enabling customers to self-serve easily and access subscription products.

Monetisation and Revenue Growth

The flexible subscription management platform allowed Utimaco to monetise its products efficiently and increase revenue while reducing operational costs.

Automated Cash Collection

The fully automated platform streamlined the entire cash-to-cart collection process, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing the risk of errors.




  • Tight timeline for launching the self-service portal and subscription product
  • Integration with multiple legal, compliance, and payment gateways
  • Complex document generation for automated invoice creation
  • Service provisioning and orchestration APIs


  • Introduction of a new sales channel and self-service options for customers
  • Enhanced ability to monetise and launch subscription products
  • Improved revenue generation with lower operational costs through automation
  • Scalable platform to accommodate future product expansions and revenue growth


“Utimaco’s pivot to a self-serve online channel and the successful implementation of the subscription management platform enabled them to transform their sales processes and provide a seamless customer experience. This innovative solution accelerated their go-to-market strategy and positioned Utimaco for continued success in the cybersecurity industry.”

Bishwendra Singh

Director of Innovation, PhiX Technologies