Lonza Supports Proposal Managers to Deliver Quotes Faster


Lonza Group Proposal Managers found inefficiencies in creating complex and large quotes with over 200 lines and multiple dependencies. As a result, the quotes were challenging and time-consuming to create and lacked clarity for customers.

Their CPQ system was unable to clone large quotes and they were using a separate visual planner tool to manually create and import timelines. Separate systems for timelines and quotes were frustrating the Proposal Managers and causing time delays.


PhiX Technologies worked with Lonza to optimise Salesforce CPQ and solve their quoting and timeline visualisation issues.

We further improved CPQ functionality by developing an intuitive configure option to clone large quotes with better accuracy removing numerous clicks and saving hours per quote.

With a logical UI pricing design in the quote template and innovative custom code for automated timelines in Salesforce CPQ, customers can now easily understand quotes while saving Lonza time, frustration, and the cost of separate system licenses.


Time and Cost Savings

Optimised Salesforce CPQ to clone large quotes and custom code for automated timeline visualisation saving time to create and import plus cost-saving by removing separate software licenses.

Improved Accuracy

The intuitive configure option improved AMC accuracy, enabling Proposal Managers to clone large quotes and reduce errors and inconsistencies in the quoting process.

Increased Adoption

By removing adoption barriers and providing thorough training, Lonza now has passionate and proud champions who are training others, resulting in increased adoption and utilisation.



  • Complex quotes
  • Inability to clone large quotes
  • Separate timeline visualisation system, manual uploads
  • Hard-to-read quotes


  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved accuracy and configuration of quotes
  • Streamlined process
  • Automated timeline visualisation
  • Increased adoption and utilisation with in-house training


Lonza Group is a Swiss multinational manufacturing company for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutrition sectors, headquartered in Basel, with major facilities in Europe, North America and South Asia and over 16,000 full-time employees.