Lifen Transforms Quote-to-Cash to Accelerate Growth

Lifen Transforms Quote-to-Cash with PhiX Technologies and Salesforce


Lifen, an E-health platform that develops tools to facilitate cooperation between stakeholders in the healthcare system, faced obstacles in scaling its operations due to limitations in its legacy billing system and complex pricing books.

With 13 price books, sales struggled to get quotes out quickly and the billing run would take up to 10 days to complete. Advanced billing charges were not supported, negatively impacting cash flow. Manual processes delayed amendments and renewals, making quoting and billing time-consuming and error-prone.


PhiX Technologies implemented Salesforce Revenue Cloud (CPQ & Billing) for Lifen, standardising and reducing the complexity of quoting and usage billing and automating Revenue Recognition.

This scalable quote-to-cash solution streamlined client management with automated quoting and billing processes, providing complete visibility of customer records and fast and efficient processing.

Lifen experienced improved cash flow, reduced and repurposed back-office headcount, and gained a platform for future growth.


Improved Accuracy

Consolidated and standardised prices books from 13 to 1. Uncovered and fixed significant revenue leakage and billing inefficiencies by automating cycles and eliminating errors.

Time and Cost Savings

Increased cash flow within 60 days by implementing advanced billing, renewals and automating Revenue Recognition. Removed additional back-office headcount and repurposed team to scale.

Enabled Scalability

Reduced reliance on manual tasks, freeing up the back office team to focus on sales and development roles with the confidence that their quoting and billing systems could handle the rapid growth.




  • Complex price books
  • Legacy billing system limitations
  • Manual processes and inefficiencies
  • Inability to bill in advance or renew
  • Revenue leakage and error-prone


  • Improved cash flow and financial stability
  • Streamlined billing and automated revenue recognition
  • Reduced reliance on manual tasks
  • Scalable platform and team for future growth


“Not only did the quote-to-cash project deliver the automation and time-saving we were looking for, but we found inefficiencies that we had no idea about. Lifen is now able to scale without needing to add more headcount to the finance function.

This is a very exciting time in our company’s growth plans, and PhiX was instrumental in helping us achieve this.” Jean-Baptiste,¬†Head of Operations