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These are standard buttons (default button is pink). You can set a specfic colour under the “Advanced” section but putting an Additional CSS Class for the button colour you want (options are “purple”, “dark”, “white”)

If you want to have a button open up the “Contact Us” popup, set the button link url as “$CONTACT” (without the speech marks)

This is a gallery of images

This is the ‘timeline’ shortcode (“phix_timeline“)

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SteelBrick founded as a 100% Salesforce native CPQ solution


InvoiceIt founded as a 100% Salesforce native Billing Solution


SteelBrick aquires InvoiceIt - Salesforce aquires SteelBrick


SteelBrick becomes Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing


InvoiceIt founders & developers co-create Phix Technologies

This is the ‘about’ shortcode (“phix_about“)


This is the main contact form DONT DELETE THIS