The Rise of B2B Subscriptions

Discover why the subscription model speaks directly to B2B customer expectations in the current climate and how to shift your focus from finding new customers to retaining existing ones.  Anything as-a-service: how customer expectations have shifted It’s safe to say that the recurring revenue model is thriving in 2022.  Commentators have dubbed the post-pandemic marketplace […]

Transforming Contract Management: Watch This Customer’s Tips for Success…

Business growth comes with risk. More customers mean more contracts to juggle, more obligations to meet, and deadlines to track. First and foremost, if your contract management processes can’t scale up with the business, there is a genuine risk of sleepwalking into mis-approvals, missed billings, and a host of other negative impacts. This was the […]

Why Finance is Fit to Lead the Way for Transformation

Why Finance is Fit to Lead the Way for Transformation   With growing threats in today’s economy and increasing regulatory expectations, businesses are looking to finance leaders to support decision-making.   Covid-19 has reshaped the way businesses think about planning. With expectations for faster forecasts and insights mounting, transformation projects that improve planning, scenario modeling […]

CPQ Project Planning: The Critical Path to Success

Nick, a Finance leader at a hi-tech firm, was regularly noticing wrong products on customer quotes. These products were being mis-sold and were including excessive discounting practices that were causing the company to lose money. They needed a way to guide their sales team to configure, price and quote more accurately to help increase profitability and […]

How to Speed up your Contract Cycle

The pressure is on the legal department as their workloads rise faster than their budgets. With less time on their side and an increasing strain on cross-department relationships due to lengthy review processes, there isn’t the time or money to work with slow contract lifecycle management. Manually drafting a high-volume of low-value contracts is an […]

What is CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote It’s an extension of your CRM that helps you sell faster by automating the sales process through to quoting. Configure Guiding sales reps to select the right product combinations based on client needs. Price Assigning the price of the products automatically, controlling discounts and rules, therefore ensuring the […]

Supporting the CFO to Create Operational Efficiency

The new remote working landscape is pushing communication and technology capabilities to the edge. How are finance teams and auditors managing their processes remotely to achieve operational efficiency? With all the usual challenges at year-end, and the next quarter looming, simply improving legacy systems isn’t enough. “Accruals, adjustments and internal transactions can throw up lots […]

7 Leadership Insights: Leveraging Technology During a Crisis

There’s no question that the coronavirus is a humanitarian tragedy, disrupting all our lives for the foreseeable future. Changing the way we work and highlighting the need to be effective, efficient and innovative in business. This blog gives leaders insights on how to leverage technology to support employee needs and customer demands. The choice to work remotely […]

Top Financial Uncertainties Stem from Travel and Expenses

A new survey of 500 senior finance professionals across the UK and US exposes the underlying issues faced by businesses when it comes to calculating the financial return of corporate travel and expense spend. Identified as the biggest variable cost to a company (26.8%), closely followed by people costs such as salaries (25.8%), the research also shows […]